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Richard McBride and Zak Kidd observed a need to create a more efficient way for tenants to find and lease small office spaces. The commercial real estate market is ‘veiled’ for those outside the business and many office tenants are too small to get the attention of industry professionals. Potential fees from negotiating small office leases are too small to support a broker’s career, while many landlords and larger tenants have valuable pockets of extra space that goes unleased. Small office leases are also unnecessarily complex, typically using the same 100+ page lease forms for a 10,000 square foot lease as a 1,000 square foot space.

SwingSpace expresses Richard and Zak’s belief that our clients benefit from market transparency and competition rewards greater efficiency. Like other successfully disruptive businesses, SwingSpace recognizes that business technology and consumer awareness have reached the intersection of desire and ability to transact commercial real estate online. Furthermore, by recognizing that smaller, “as is” office suites should not require an overly complicated document, our mission is to streamline and simplify an archaic process.

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